Researchers International Network

Purpose: The purpose of Researchers International Network (RIN) is to identify areas related to development, values, peace and social life that are in need of research and to bring together professionals from various disciplines that can contribute meaningful and positive ideas and knowledge that can engender global peace and development in the identified areas, and to publish the results of such studies and researches. The Network does these through conferences and seminars in different parts of the globe, which are interrelated through national, regional and international conferences. This is in response to the new awareness of multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary issues and problems that anchor on cultural perspectives of these issues and human life and sciences.

The network grew out of interactions with scholars and researchers in conferences in the United States of America, Turkey, Ghana, Benin Republic, Germany, Greece and Nigeria beginning in 2010. It has promoted research on perspectives in Religion, Terrorism and Development through and International Conference, which was hosted in the University of Calabar, Nigeria in collaboration with the University of Calabar – Nigeria, Cross River University of Technology, Calabar – Nigeria, Cross River State College of Education, Akamkpa – Nigeria and Academic Network Netherlands. This research effort brought about the publication of three (3) volumes.

The Network is constituted of prominent academics, philosophers, lawyers, Language experts, economists, scientists, Arts experts, ICT experts and environmentalists, professionals, educationists and social scientists from different countries across the globe.